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Natural Stone Wall Coping

Stone wall coping / caps are like the finishing touch for outdoor walls or columns made of stone. They're flat pieces of stone placed on top, giving them a neat and stylish look. These caps serve two important jobs: making the structure look nice and protecting it. Imagine them as the cherry on top, making everything look polished. Without these caps, the structure might seem incomplete. Additionally, they shield the stone underneath from weather damage, like rain or sun, helping it stay strong for longer. They also protect the stone below from getting damaged by bad weather, like rain or sun, which helps it last longer.


Just like there are many colors and styles for stone veneer, there are also lots of choices for stone wall caps. You can pick from different looks to match your project's style.

Chiseled Wall Caps have a textured edge that's not too rough. They're great for designs that mix rustic and modern styles.

Natural Wall Caps are perfect if you like the rough, unfinished look of natural stone. They have all the charm and texture of real stone.

Flat Wall Coping

Flat Wall Caps / coping have a smooth, defined edge. They look very sleek and work well with both modern and contemporary designs.

Rockface Wall Coping

Rockface Wall coping have a natural riven surface & hand cut - rock face  edge. They look very unique  and work well with both modern and contemporary designs.

First, they cover the entire wall with a thin layer of stone. Once that's done, they add the caps on top. They measure the top of the wall, cut the caps to fit, spread some mortar, and then stick the caps on. They make sure the caps stick out at least an inch on each side so water can flow off easily.

Installing stone wall caps - coping properly protects your wall from getting damaged by too much water. If your wall doesn't have caps on the top, rain, snow, or other wet stuff can soak in and harm the inside. But with caps, the water slides off the top and doesn't get inside the wall, keeping it safe and strong.