What is stone wall cladding ?

Stone wall cladding is also known as the application of a layer of stone or stone-like materials to the interior and exterior walls of the building.

This technique increases the aesthetics of a structure, provides insulation, or also protects the underlying wall stone wall cladding made from natural stone, such as granite, marble, slate, or limestone or from manufactured materials that copy the appearance of natural stone.

Stone wall cladding is popular in both residential and commercial construction and they can add a special touch like adding durability and uniqueness to a building. It is often used in interior spaces like kitchens, living rooms, and bathrooms and helps to contribute to changing the interior spaces.

Black galaxy wall cladding involves using granite material to cover the adorn walls of a structure, adding a touch of elegance and durability. Wall cladding serves both aesthetic and functional purposes and helps to prevent underlying walls while increasing the overall shape and structures.

Wall cladding is also known as the application of a material to cover and prevent any damage to the exterior wall in a building copper slate wall cladding involves the use of copper which is durable and best for covering the wall

In the context of patio pavings, green galaxy wall cladding prefers to specific type of panel design for outdoor use, particularly in patio areas. They can used to add colours, textures and visual interests to outdoor space

mint stone cladding panels are mainly used in patio pavings for a showing decorative covering for walls or surfaces, These panels are made from natural mint stone which is like a sedimentary rock characterised by a greenish colour. The panels are cut and shaped to fit together to provide a smooth and uniform appearance to the surface they cover.