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Jointing Grout

Joint-It Simple is like a special glue for sticking together stones and concrete on paths or patios. It's good for the environment because it lets water flow through it, it's ready to use, and it doesn't have cement in it. Instead, it's made from special sands and glues that are safe and won't hurt the environment. Made by experts who lay down paths and gardens for other people, the Specialist Hardscape Product Range is top-notch. It gives great results that customers love.


Discover the perks of Joint-It Simple for your patio or driveway! Our new grout solution makes life easy with its ready-to-use formula and fast drying. Come rain or shine, it works – it's tough against frost and power-washing. No worries about stains either – it's cement-free and won't mess up your lovely natural stone or brick paving. Plus, it's eco-friendly and safe, no harsh chemicals here. Water flows through easily, and you can stroll on it after just 24 hours. Count on Joint-It Simple to keep your outdoor area in top shape, all year long.


  • To lay paving stones that last, start with a solid base of compacted hardcore. Then, add a mix of cement and sharp sand on top for stability.
  • Clean the paving thoroughly before applying the compound, and wet it beforehand to help with bonding.
  • When filling the gaps between stones with Joint-It Simple, make sure the gaps are wide and deep enough.
  • Keep the paving wet throughout the process to prevent the compound from drying too quickly.
  • For help, watch detailed videos online.
  • Store leftover compound in a cool, dry place. To extend its usability, keep it in water for up to 12 weeks.