Paving Circle

Circular patios, also called patio circles or circle kits, are great for gardens. They're like a cozy spot or a chill area in your garden. Our kits have different styles and colors to match what you like and fit your outdoor space.


If you want it to stand out, go for darker circle kits. Lighter ones make it feel calm. You can also use stepping stones with the circle slabs to make a nice path to your circular patio.


No matter which design you pick for your circular patio, rest assured that our Indian stone circle paving kits are crafted from top-notch materials. We provide a range of Indian sandstone circle patio kits and porcelain circles kits for you to select from.

Consider the look you want for your circular patio. Survey your garden and think about which colors and materials will complement it best. This will help you pick out the ideal circular patio kit for your home and garden.

Installation guide:-

To set up your round patio, gather some materials. Start with a full bed of mortar. Remember, mortar can burn your skin if it's wet, so wear protective clothing. You'll also need basic tools like trowels, a string building line, and a long spirit level for even laying. A rubber mallet, digging tools, and a mortar mixer will come in handy too.

Pick a cozy spot in your garden for your patio. Sit in different spots at different times of the day to see how the sunlight and shade change. Use spray paint or a hose to mark out a circle where you want your patio to be.

Now, get your patio stones ready. Lay them out without fixing them in place yet. Start from the middle of the circle and leave some space between the stones for filling later. Put the whole circle layout on the grass or wherever you want it.

Next, create a strong base. Use a spade to dig up the grass about 6 inches deep. Fill this area with compacted hardcore. Then, lay the stones on a layer of mortar, which is a mix of sand and cement about an inch thick. Make sure the mix isn't too wet.

Start laying the stones from the middle. Press each stone down onto the mortar using a rubber mallet. Ensure there's a slight slope for water drainage. Check with a level as you lay more stones from the center outwards.

Finally, fill in the gaps between the stones. Make a mixture of sand and cement that's not too watery. Use a trowel and a pipe to fill the gaps neatly. Wipe away any extra to keep it clean and tidy.