Plank Paving

Plank paving is like using long, skinny slabs that look like wooden planks. They can make fancy designs in paths and walkways that you couldn't make with regular paving. Because they're shaped differently, they can make outdoor areas look really nice, giving them more personality and style.



Picking the right paving for big projects like shops or offices can make the place look better. Plank paving is perfect for this because it's long and makes the area look sleek. When you lay these slabs, they create lines that make the space seem longer. This works well for small places where you want them to look bigger than they really are.  


Colors :-

First, you have many colors to choose from, like black, blue, creamy, and dark gray, to match the look of your business. You can also pick different styles and thicknesses to suit your design. Second, there are different finishes to think about. For Yorkstone paving, you can choose between Diamond Sawn or Capital finishes, and for Modal paving, you can decide between textured or smooth finishes.



In our linear range, we have four Indian sandstone options: Lake Forest Beige Porcelain, Lake Strom Wood Porcelain, Lake Forest Brown Porcelain, and Lake Toratora Porcelain. Each material we use for our plank paving—like solid concrete, modern ceramic, Indian sandstone, and Yorkstone—is top-notch with strong surfaces. But they each have their own perks. So, besides thinking about color, style, and thickness, picking the right material gives you some extra benefits.



Plank paving is really flexible. Because it's thin, it can mix well with other paving styles, making a really cool look, whether you want everything to match or look different. Also, you can use one color or many colors, so you can be really creative with it.