Handmade Bricks

Handmade bricks are special because they're made by hand, not by machines. Each brick is unique, with its own texture and shape because a person carefully presses the clay into molds. After shaping, the bricks are left to dry before they're fired.

These bricks have a rough, uneven look because of how they're made. You might notice lines and marks from the hands of the person who made them, as well as a rough surface from the sand used in the process.

We have two types: old ones that we've collected from different times in history, and new ones that look just like the old ones. The new ones are great because they can handle cold weather, and we always have plenty in stock.

Even though they're new, our handmade imperial bricks look old and weathered, perfect for blending in with older buildings or restoration projects. Whether you go for the old or new ones, our handmade bricks bring a classic, cozy feel to any building project.