Linear paving


Linear paving is a style of paving that uses long, skinny rectangular slabs. They're called "linear" because they look slender. Our selection includes various textures, colors, and finishes. Plus, they're tough and look great.



Choosing the right paving for commercial projects can really boost the design and change how the space feels. Linear paving, in particular, can do this.


Because the slabs are long and skinny, you can lay them to make horizontal lines that look like they go far back, making the space seem deeper. This is great for small projects where you want narrow areas to look wider than they are.



Besides filtering by color and style, you can also choose the material for your paving.

We offer a few different materials, each with its own advantages. Our Porcelain Linear Paving has a sleek look. You can also go for Indian sandstone, known for its natural beauty.



Our linear paving comes in various colors and finishes. You have lots of options like blacks, creams, and dark greys. The colors you choose will depend on your project's style and design.



One cool thing about linear paving is how flexible it is. Because they're slim, they can look great next to other types of paving, creating a really cool visual effect. You can mix and match them with other styles for a uniform look, or go for contrast. And if you want to get creative, you can choose from single or multicolored layouts.