Sandstone paving

Sandstone paving slabs are an excellent choice for gardens due to their versatility in colors and patterns, adding a unique touch to your outdoor space. Their durability allows them to withstand heavy foot traffic and various weather conditions without sustaining damage, including resistance to cracking in freezing temperatures. Additionally, they require minimal maintenance, only needing occasional cleaning to keep them looking their best. Despite their elegant appearance, they are also reasonably priced, allowing you to enhance your garden without exceeding your budget. In summary, sandstone paving slabs are an ideal option for creating a stunning garden landscape.


Beauty and Practicality:-

Sandstone paving is perfect for outdoor landscaping because:

  • Looks Great: Sandstone paving adds natural beauty to your outdoor area. It's pretty and makes your garden look nicer.
  • Sturdy: It can take a lot of people walking on it and rough weather without getting damaged.
  • Lots of Choices: You can pick from many colors and designs to match your garden style. So, it's easy to find one that fits your taste.
  • Not Much Work: It doesn't need much looking after. Just give it a quick clean every now and then, and it stays nice without much effort.

Basically, sandstone paving makes your outdoor space look good without needing lots of maintenance. Easy peasy!


Sandstone paving slabs are special because they have a classic appeal that's different from concrete or brick. They come in natural colors like cream, pink, brown, and grey. Since they're made from real sandstone, they're really strong and won't lose their color. They're perfect for places with lots of activity, like driveways and patios, because they don't get slippery and can handle cold weather without breaking. They're great for family gardens because they're safe to walk on all year long.

Sealant Options:-

Sealing your Indian sandstone paving is important because it acts like a shield, protecting it from things like water, stains, and sunlight. These can all cause damage or change the color of the stone over time. Sealing also makes the colors of the stone look richer and lasts longer. So, by sealing your Indian sandstone, you're keeping it looking good and protecting it from wear and tear, making your outdoor area beautiful for a long time.

Essential maintenance tips:-

For a classic look, go for our grey sandstone paving, like the sawn grey option. It has different shades of grey that match well with darker patio items. Want more color? Our Indian sandstone paving in sawn mint gives off warm terracotta tones, perfect for a Mediterranean vibe.


For a one-of-a-kind garden patio, consider Sagar Black Sandstone. It mixes dark and light tones like charcoal, light greys, and hints of yellow, making it really stand out. On the other hand, Rippon Buff sandstone mainly has lighter shades such as creams, yellows, and oranges, with some darker tones here and there, giving your outdoor space a unique color mix.


To keep your sandstone patio looking great for years, it's important to take care of it. Sandstone can absorb water, leading to mold and algae growth. To prevent this, use a good sealer when you first lay your patio and reapply it every few years. This will also protect against stains like oil spills. We offer high-quality products for installing and maintaining your patio, all at fair prices.