Textured garden

Textured garden paving slabs have a modern look and are super practical. They're tough and have a bit of grip, making them great for places like sheds or utility areas. Unlike the more traditional rough-looking paving, textured paving has a smoother surface with a speckled appearance, giving your garden a more up-to-date feel. It comes in two sizes and colors—dark grey and buff—so you can pick the one that matches your garden style best. Plus, it lasts a long time, so your garden will stay stylish for years to come.


Options and Maintenance for Textured Paving:-


We have different colors of textured paving to jazz up your patio. If you like classic styles, go for mint with light creams, yellows, oranges, and mints. They come in two sizes: 600x900 or mixed size patio pack.


For a more modern touch, try the Silver Grey textured version. It's not as bright as mint but has a sleek mix of grey tones, perfect for contemporary gardens. You can get it in 600x900 or mixed sizes too.


Since our Textured paving is made from Sandstone & Granite, we offer sealants to keep it looking new and prevent mold and algae. We also have cleaners to deal with any weather damage and keep your patio fabulous.


Creative garden design concepts :-

You can arrange textured paving slabs in lots of different ways to match what you want for your garden. Whether you like square, rectangle, or plank shapes, there are tons of options. You can put the slabs close together or leave space between them. This lets you add cool stuff like decorative rocks or plants, making your garden look really special and modern.