Path Edging & Cobble Stones

Choosing the right stones for your walkways or patio is easy and beneficial. Not only do they enhance the appearance, but they also serve practical purposes. These stones maintain neatness by outlining clear paths and minimizing weed growth. Additionally, they provide stability to other materials and direct people where to walk.


Cobble and Edging Stone Selection:-

We have cobble and edging stone options for everyone, whether you like modern or traditional styles. Our black limestone cobble setts give a modern twist to tradition, while granite cobble setts come in colors like silver or mid-grey for a sleek look.

If you love classic vibes, our multi-colored cobbles add a traditional charm, especially in granite edging. For durability and easy upkeep, porcelain cobble options are a smart choice.

To keep your stones looking good, use our aftercare products like primers and sealants to shield them from weather. Our natural stone cleaner helps prevent moss and algae without harming the stone.


  • Sandstone Cobbles: These are loved for their natural look and come in various earthy colors like browns and reds. They're tough and don't get slippery, making them great for busy areas like driveways and patios.
  • Limestone Cobbles: These offer a smooth finish and have a more subdued color range, perfect for modern designs. They're strong enough to handle tough weather, keeping your outdoor spaces looking good all year.
  • Granite Cobbles: Also known as Belgium Blocks, these are super durable and classic. They're great for edging driveways, gardens, and walkways, adding a stylish touch to your landscape while standing up to wear and tear.

Each type has its own charm and practical benefits, so it depends on your style and needs!



Making a natural stone cobble driveway or terrace is easier than you might think. First, mark out the area with spray paint. Make sure the ground is flat by smoothing out any bumps with a rake. Then, use a compactor to make the ground firm. Add a layer of MOT type 1 sub-base material and compact it until it's about 75mm deep. Repeat this step for a second layer.

After the sub-base is set, mix mortar and spread it over the sub-base. Now, place your cobbles with small gaps in between. Use a rubber mallet to gently tap them into place. Once all cobbles are laid, fill the gaps with a jointing solution and press it down with a pointing tool.

Lastly, let the cobbled area settle for a day before using it. Follow these steps, and you'll have a beautiful natural stone cobble driveway or terrace in no time!