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Block Paving

Block paving is strong, small pieces usually made of stone, concrete, or clay. They're often used for roads and paths. The most popular kind is concrete pavers, which fit closely together like puzzles. They're made by molding concrete into blocks. Other materials like clay, porcelain, and natural stone are also used, each with its own appearance and strength. These blocks fit tightly together to stay in place. They're laid on a base of gravel or sand, with sand filling the spaces between them to create a sturdy surface.

Block paving is what we use on driveways to make a sturdy surface for cars to drive and park on. There are different kinds:

  • Rumbled Blocks: These have rounded edges to make them look like old, weathered stones. They're popular because they have a classic feel.
  • Standard Blocks: These have straight edges and give a more modern look. They're usually cheaper than other types.
  • Permeable Blocks: These are used to avoid needing special permissions for water drainage. They come in different colors and shapes.

Garden paths aren't always straight and flat; sometimes they twist and turn to fit the landscape. For these paths, smaller paving stones like block paving and setts are great because they're easier to work with and can bend to fit the path. They're tough and can handle whatever your garden throws at them, making them a smart choice for any walkway.

Versatility and durability:-
Block paving offers versatile options for creating decorative patterns and borders in your patio or terrace. You can choose contrasting colors to make striking designs. We have both classic and modern styles available. Traditional blocks have rounded edges for a weathered appearance and are made from natural materials like sandstone, limestone, or granite. Contemporary options are made from concrete, offering durability and consistency at a more affordable price