What is block walling ?

Block walling refers to the construction of a wall using block or masonry units using this type of material such as concrete, clay, or other durable materials.

This wall seems rectangular and square and also stacked or bonded together using mortar to construct a strong wall structure. Block walling method is also a common construction method used in both residential and commercial blocks

In patio paving the blocks mainly used in block walling can vary in size, shape and composition depending on the specific needs of construction sites. Concrete blocks also known as concrete masonry units are often used to give strength and durability

Block walling can be used for many purposes like they include interior or exterior walls, retaining walls, garden walls, and more. It hires for construction techniques due to increase strength, durability, or cost-effectiveness

Limestone is often famous for its natural beauty and warm tones. The brownish-yellow colour of Jordan's beige portland limestone may give an attractive and timeless appearance for increasing the aesthetical appeal structure.

Limestone is a durable natural stone that can stand with weathering and other external elements to contribute to the longevity of the structure. Properly sealed limestone blocks can assist you in preventing stains and other forms of damage