Driveways Setts

Driveway setts, also known as blocks or cobbles, are small square stones used for driveways, garden patios, or paths. They're versatile, made from various stones, and often confused with cobbles, which are similar but rounder. Setts have been used for ages because they offer good traction, especially for horses. Nowadays, they're still popular for gardens because they're durable and add a timeless appeal.



Driveway setts are awesome for driveways because they come in many styles and colors. They're tough and can stay good for a while if you take care of them. If you need to work on something under the ground or adjust your driveway, it's not hard to remove and replace the setts. Some kinds of setts let rainwater soak into the ground, which helps gardens and prevents flooding.  


Installation Process:-

Driveway setts are simple to install and can be done quickly, depending on the size of the area. First, you lay a foundation, then a layer of sand, and finally, you place the blocks in any pattern you like. Cleaning is easy too—just use soap and water, or for tougher stains, a pressure washer carefully. If any blocks get damaged, you can replace them without redoing the whole pavement.


It's both practical and stylish, perfect for enhancing outdoor areas. It lasts long, is easy to install, and comes in various designs, making it a great choice for homeowners and businesses looking to upgrade their property affordably



The thickness of setts depends on how many cars will use it and what kind of blocks you're using. For regular use by cars at home, 50mm thick concrete or stone blocks are good enough. But if you expect more cars, thicker blocks like 60mm for home or 80mm for business driveways are better for lasting longer.



Deciding if you want to seal your brick driveway is up to you. Sealing can make it look nicer, keep stains away, and make cleaning easier. It also stops colors from fading and weeds from popping up between the bricks. But not everyone needs to seal their driveway. Some people like the natural, old look of unsealed bricks. If you choose to seal it, be careful choosing a product