Why choose Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles are the best kind of hard and durable tiles. Which is made from a different type of clay. They are heated at very high temperatures, which makes them strong and less likely to get damaged by water or stains.

People use these tiles for floors, walls, and countertops because they come in many colors and designs. They are a good choice for places where lots of people walk or where there might be water, like in bathrooms or kitchens.

These tiles have become most popular for home flooring. There are many types of porcelain tiles which we will discover below. Also how porcelain tiles were made from.


How Is Porcelain Tiles Made

Porcelain tile is made by heating clay at high temperatures. The porcelain tiles are very hard and stronger than other pavings. Porcelain tiles are free from pores, which protect from moisture. These tiles are better than plank pavings

To make porcelain tiles, you need to bake a special kind of clay. First, you need to mix the clay with other important materials to make it strong. Then, you should shape it into tiles, like puzzle pieces. After that, they bake them in a very hot box to make the tiles harder.

But that’s not enough. You need to add some colourful and shiny coating on top, like decorating a cake and back into the oven, it goes for another bake to make it all stick. Most people check the tiles to make sure they are strong and in the correct size, colour, and super strong.


Benefits of porcelain tiles

  • Porcelain tiles are best option for homes and businesses because of the following reasons:
  • They are very strong and will not get scratched, chip, or crack easily, even in busy areas like hallways, kitchens, and bathrooms. They last for many years with proper care. Which can save your money on replacement also.
  • They hardly soak up (like a towel) any water, Which makes them perfect for wet places like bathrooms, laundry rooms, and even outside. This also helps to protect mould and mildew from growing.
  • These things do not get dirty easily, so cleaning is a breeze. Just sweep them often, mop with a bit of gentle soap and water, and (every once in a while) clean them more completely.
  • You can find porcelain tiles in many colors, patterns, finishes, and sizes. This means you can find tiles that match any design style you like. They can even look like other materials, like wood, stone, or even fabric, but might be cheaper.
  • They are fire-resistant, which helps keep your home or business safer in case of a fire. They are also less likely to trap germs and allergy triggers, which is good for people with (strong, bad body reactions) and for keeping things clean in places like hospitals.