600×400 Single Size 22m2 Mint Dove

To add a blend of freshness and modernity to your patio, Mint Dove is an ideal choice. Extremely hard wearing, the Mint Dove Natural Sandstone has a warm light buff coloring that complements the traditional and contemporary settings. The paving is done using four different sized pavers which can provide a unique laying pattern giving it a modern appeal. Perfectly honed luxurious finish gives the Mint Dove Natural Sandstone an aesthetic charm perfect for beautifying your patios, garden or any other required space.



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            600 x 400 SINGLE SIZE
PACK  22 M2
 Sizes (mm) Number of Pieces
600 x 40088 Nos
Thickness :22 mm Calibrated
Colour :Mint Dove
Material :Sandstone
Surface :Fine Honed
Edges :Sawn
Coverage :Each pack covers 22 m2, based on typical jointing gap of 10-15 mm

Our Mint Dove Smooth Sawn Paving Slab combines subtle tones of Beige & Buff to provide a luscious pale-buff overall finish that is equally impressive as a stand-alone stone area, or as a compliment to a planted, established garden. This smooth diamond sawn sandstone provides a tasteful, refined and elegant backdrop for any garden.

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