Elite Kandla Grey Paving



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Kandla Grey Sandstone as the name indicates is the most suitable choice for consistent gray color tones. It is the first choice for its durability, hardness, and texture requires low maintenance. It is adaptable and can be matched to most exterior settings, adding an individual look to your patio. It’s light, but conservative color tone makes it an excellent choice for your driveways, path, and patio area. It is available in a variety of sizes ranging from project packs, single sizes, and circular kits to Finestone Project pack, having a variable thickness ranging between 15-22mm, offering a more viable opinion for keener budgets. So why wait, when u have a vast variety to choose from!

With its sawn cut edges and natural riven surface, Light Grey Sandstone Paving complements a wide range of Traditional settings. Because of its durability, hardness, texture, and consistent grey color tone, Light Grey Sandstone Paving is a top choice. This paving stone is adaptable and can be matched to most exterior settings, giving your patio a unique look. Light Grey Sandstone Paving Slabs are extremely durable and require little maintenance. The light but the conservative colour makes them an excellent choice for providing a soft yet welcoming feel to your driveways, paths, and patio area.