900×200 Single Size Pack 16.45m2 Silver Grey Planks

Silver Grey Granite is one of our best-selling Granite plank paving . Its plain consistent color is easy on the eyes, making Silver Grey Granite an ideal Paving Stone to use in any home or commercial landscape. Silver Grey Granite requires very low maintenance & offers versatility and extreme durability in high traffic areas such as driveways, pathways and any other landscapes areas. Silver Grey Granite is a hard igneous stone that is very durable, dense and hard wearing. The flamed surface finish makes it non-slip in nature. Silver Grey Granite are particularly pleasing to the eyes, with a quartz content that makes them sparkle in the sunlight.


900 x 200 mm PACK 16.45 M2
Sizes (mm)Number of Pieces
900 x 20086 Nos
Thickness :25 mm Calibrated
Colour :Silver Grey
Material :Granite
Surface :Flamed
Edges :Sawn
Coverage :Each pack covers 16.45 m2, based on typical jointing gap of 10-15 mm