1.48m² Natural Slate Veneer Multi Color 1220x610mm

Made with real natural stone and slates, with all the character and beauty of traditional stone tiles. Ultra-thin 2 mm, light and flexible.

It can be applied to a wide range of materials such as conventional block work, wood, glass, MDF, SIPs or existing cladding system panels as well as a whole range of non-traditional surfaces. These Natural Slate Veneers can be applied to straight, curved and irregular profiles. Not only is it flexible it can be shaped, cut and drilled.

More cost-effective and easier to install than traditional stone tiles and panels.
* High Flexibility
* Super Light
* Simple and varied applicability
* Durability and Eco efficiency
* Transportation cost is very low
* Simple Cutting & Packaging
* Harder & Stronger than slate


Sizes (mm)Number of Sheets
1220 x 6102 Nos
Thick : 2 mm
Colour :Multi Color
Material :Slate
Surface :Natural
Edges :Sawn