1 Ltrs Colour Enhancing Stone Sealer EcoProtec (Water Based)


Water based impregnating sealer for interior & exterior use on all types of natural and artificial stone, quarry, brick, concrete & paving, honed, rough cut and polished surfaces.

Colour enhancing water based impregnating sealer. Provides an enhanced natural finish. Helps protect against staining. Strongly repels water, oil and grease. Allows surface to breathe.

  • Non hazardous
  • High performance
  • Up to 10 years protection
  • Low odour VOC free
  • Enhances colour
  • Easy to apply
  • Interior & exterior use
APPLICATION1 ltr5 ltr25 ltr
Lower porosity surfaces15 M² per coat75 M² per coat375 M² per coat
Higher porosity surfaces7.5 M² per coat37.5 M² per coat187.5 M² per coat
Polished surfaces30 M² per coat150 M² per coat750 M² per coat