Container Loading Ramp Capacity 12 Tons

Introducing the Container Loading Ramp  / dock ramp, a cost-effective and versatile tool that can help businesses improve the efficiency and safety of their loading and unloading operations.
The Container Loading Ramp / dock ramp is designed to be easy to operate by a single person, and it can be adjusted to accommodate a variety of vehicle compartments. It is made with durable materials and features a number of safety features, including a slip-resistant surface, hydraulic overload protection, and an explosion-proof valve. The bridge body is securely welded with a hook and firmly fastened using a steel chain.




2Overall size (mm)11150(L)*2100(W)*1100(H)
3Platform sizeSlope length : 7000mm (L)

Platform plate length : 3000mm (L)

The tail plate length : 700mm

The tongue plate length : 400mm

Width : 2100mm

Steel plate thickness : 5mm

Steel mesh thickness : 8mm

5Distribution powerManual hydraulic pump, and hand leg
6Adjustable range1100-1800mm(H)
7Guardrail high200mm (40*60*3mm rectangular pipe)
8Main beam160*80*5mm rectangular pipe
9Vice beam100*50*4mm
10Hydraulic cylinderΦ80*Φ50(2 pcs)
11Hydraulic oil pipe32Pma
12Solid tire700-9
13Container connectivityThe bridge body is welded with a hook and fixed with a steel chain
14Paint ColorGenerally blue(adjustable); spray-paint
15Overall weight±3200kg
17Price 12T£9,999.00