Green Galaxy Wall Cladding Panel 600x150mm (17.28m2)

The Green Galaxy Wall Cladding Panel is a natural stone product that will add a touch of sophistication and elegance to any indoor or outdoor living space. This beautiful cladding panel is crafted from top-quality slate stone and measures 600x150mm, covering an area of 17.28m2.

Green Galaxy Wall Cladding panels can be used on the façade of a home to enhance the appeal, outside to showcase a barbecue island, on a backsplash to spruce up a kitchen or inside to beautify an interior wall.


Green Galaxy Wall Cladding Panel:

The Green Galaxy Wall Cladding Panel is expertly crafted to provide a stunning and textured finish that complements any indoor or outdoor decor. The natural color variations and unique patterns in the stone make each panel one-of-a-kind, adding character and personality to any space.

One of the great benefits of the Green Galaxy Wall Cladding Panel is its durability. The natural composition of the stone means that it is incredibly resistant to the elements and can withstand extreme temperatures, making it perfect for use in outdoor spaces. The stone is also resistant to cracking, chipping, and fading, ensuring that your cladding will maintain its beauty for many years to come.

The Wall Cladding Panel is made from natural slate, which is known for its strength and durability. The surface of the slate is naturally riven, providing a unique texture that enhances the beauty of the stone. The edges of the panel are sawn, providing a clean and precise finish that makes installation a breeze. The combination of the naturally riven surface and the sawn edges creates a beautiful contrast that adds depth and character to any space.

Additionally, the natural properties of the slate ensure that each panel is truly one-of-a-kind, with its own unique patterns and color variations. The use of natural slate in the  Wall Cladding Panel provides not only a stunning visual feature but also a functional and long-lasting addition to any home or outdoor living space.

In addition to being useful, Green Galaxy Wall Cladding Panel is also really beautiful. The unique natural color variations in the stone provide a warm and inviting look that blends seamlessly with any decor. The rich green color and unique patterns of the stone make it the perfect choice for creating a one-of-a-kind indoor or outdoor space.


Green Galaxy Wall Cladding Panel is a stunning, useful, and long-lasting natural stone product that is ideal for boosting the beauty and usefulness of any indoor or outdoor living environment. Its unique natural patterns and textures, durability, and ease of installation make it an ideal choice for homeowners and builders alike. Whether you are creating a feature wall, fireplace surround, or outdoor kitchen, Wall Cladding Panel is sure to provide a stunning finish that will enhance the beauty of your space for years to come.


Sizes (mm)Number of Pieces
600 x 150192 Nos
Colour :Green Galaxy
Material :Natural Slate
Surface :Natural Riven
Edges :Sawn
Coverage :Each pack covers approx 17.28 m2 of wall face area.

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